“I am incredibly grateful to those who dedicate their energy and passion to public education.  I feel honored to play a role, however small, in helping them carry out that mission”

– Ryan VanFleet

Ryan VanFleet

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Ryan was raised and attended public school in Douglass, Kansas.  Although small, the Douglass community placed great emphasis on education and always voted to provide necessary resources for its public school system.  Ryan’s mom worked for Douglass Elementary School, and his grandmother was a public school teacher for an underprivileged community in nearby Wichita.  After graduating from Douglass High School, Ryan attended Wichita State University, where he obtained a degree in Criminal Justice.  He later moved to Kansas City, where he attended UMKC Law School, graduating cum laude in May 2011.

Before joining EdCounsel, Ryan worked for an insurance defense firm, where he represented companies throughout Missouri and Kansas in a wide variety of claims, ranging from personal injury and wrongful death to contract claims and employment discrimination.  Ryan is able to draw on this experience in providing counsel to EdCounsel’s clients, no matter what legal issues they might face.

Ryan lives in Independence with his wife, Lindsey, who is also an attorney, and their three children Joselyn, Amelia, and Daniel.  Both of his girls attend public school, as will his son when the time comes.