457 Local Associations file as “Labor Organizations” in 387 Missouri School Districts

As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, any group that falls under the definition of a “labor organization” within HB1413 was required by law to file a “Labor Organization Information Report” or “LM-1” by November 26, 2018 with the State Board of Mediation.  As of this writing, the State Board of Mediation has received filings from at least 457  labor organizations in 387 school districts.   These labor organizations include representatives from locals for MSTA, MNEA, as well as a number of other associations.

Due to the passage of HB1413, many labor organizations are discussing seeking certification from the State Board of Mediation through an election, and some elections are already underway. In order for a labor organization to be certified as the exclusive bargaining representative of a bargaining unit, however, they must have filed their LM-1 documents with the State Board of Mediation in November.

If you’d like to find out whether an employee group within your district has filed an LM-1, the State Board of Mediation has posted a database of the LM-1 filings across the state at the following link: https://laborsbm.mo.gov/. The database is searchable and includes PDF documents of the actual LM-1 filings. The State Board of Mediation plans to upload LM-2 and LM-30 documents once it receives them as well.

If you’re interested in reading our previous blog posts regarding HB1413 issues, our post regarding whether your district salary or benefits committee is a labor organization is available here: https://edcounsel.law/2018/10/11/is-your-salary-or-benefits-committee-a-labor-organization-under-hb-1413/; and our post regarding whether your district’s salary or benefit committee is required to be certified is available here: https://edcounsel.law/2018/12/06/if-employees-on-salary-or-benefit-committees-will-represent-other-employees-then-they-must-be-certified-by-the-state-board-of-mediation-through-an-election/.

If you have any questions regarding HB1413 or any filings located on the State Board of Mediation’s website, please feel free to contact any of our team members at EdCounsel.