Student Handbook & Website Guidance

In response to questions we’ve received regarding student handbooks and District website requirements, we generally recommend the following be included.

  • Anti-bullying policy and procedures (MSBA Policy JFCF, MCE Policy 2655)
  • Name and contact information (title, address, phone number and, if desired, email address) for the District’s Section 504 and Title IX Coordinator
  • A copy of the District’s anti-discrimination and harassment policy (MSBA Policy AC, MCE Policy 1300)
  • Attendance policy and procedures
  • Student technology use policy
  • Student alcohol/drug use policy
  • Tobacco-free/drug-free schools policy
  • Student discipline code/Board Policies regarding student discipline
  • Policy regarding student conduct on school transportation
  • Policy regarding communicable diseases
  • Process for filing a complaint/grievance with the District
  • Policy regarding maintenance and release of student records
  • Annual FERPA notices to parents
  • Policy for surveying, analyzing, or evaluating students (including statewide assessments)


Of these items, the anti-bullying policy is required by Missouri law to be included in student handbooks, and federal law requires inclusion of the District’s anti-discrimination/harassment policy and contact information for the Section 504/Title IX Coordinator; however, the rest are simply suggestions of information that we have found to be helpful for a District to include in its student handbooks.

As for the District website, Missouri law requires that, if the District hosts a website, it must include a current version of all District Board Policies and related documents, and a current version of the District’s handbook(s). Additionally, federal law also requires that the District post its anti-discrimination/harassment policy and contact information for the Section 504/Title IX Coordinator on their websites, as well.


We also recommend that the District double check any Board Policies and discipline codes cited in the student handbook and on the District website, to be sure that they are consistent with the District’s current Board Policies and discipline code. If you have any specific questions regarding your student handbooks or website, or if you would like for our office to provide a review of either once you have made changes, we are happy to do so – just let us know!